J Class RC Models

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The J Class is the largest of the remote control classes in the United States under the American Model Yacht Association. There are 12 different models in the class and all modeled after the racing yachts of the 1930's vintage in 1/16th scale. The boats weigh 75 to 110 pountds, LOA to just over eight feet and can have masts standing to 10 feet with up to 4200 square inches of sail. There are no restrictions on radio control and the points of control are left to the owners by their design.

J Class operations are mostly in the Northeast and along the northern states into the Midwest. Regattas with a 10-14 boats entered are comon.

The J-Class Shamrock V
This section will proceed through the building process of the Shamrock V J boat using the Kjamrock hull. This model is 89-3/4" long, a draft of 17-3/8" and a beam of 15 inches. The mast stand 109 inches from the deck with 3000 square inches of sail and she weighs 79 pounds.

The hull color theme is from the America's Cup boat America True and based out of San Francisco. US94 was completed in June 2003 and headed to the East Coast for competition. She was the 2009 J Class National Champion boat.

This is not a beginners boat and a new builder is expected to have model boat building experience. Nonetheless, this will be the first J class boat built here and documented accordingly as has all the boats in the past. This will be a photo essay.