The Building Flow Checklist

The checklist is to provide some organization to the building process. The process has been reduced to a checklist as a guide so that access to an area is not blocked or impaired during the building.


* This is likely to receive revisions till the boat is done *


  1. Prepare and fit the permanent ballast in the hull then remove.

  2. Clean and fair the hull and seams.

  3. Reinforce the bow with resin.

  4. Mark the hull flange for beam measure points and rib locations.

  5. Install the station 6 bulkhead with eyebolt and block. Alternative: EC12 System Board (SB) design at Building Site. See Electronics.

  6. Stabilize the hull to correct beam measurements.

  7. Pre-cut the deck covering sheet.

  8. Fit and install the removable ballast and put away.

  9. Install all ribs except 76.

  10. Install the rudder.

  11. Prepare and assemble the radio rack or SB.

  12. Complete all wiring as an assembly.

  13. Build and fit the compression strut tower. SB does not us a "tower."

  14. Fit and install the radio rack fittings to the strut. SB mounted to ballast.

  15. Mark and drill the radio rack base screw in the ballast. Not required for SB.

  16. Glue in the primary ballast.

  17. Moisture protect the strut and install the sheet line rub rod. Not required for SB.

  18. Glue in the strut. Not Required for SB.

  19. Prepare and install the sheet line guide blocks mounts as an assembly.

  20. Prepare and install the forward king plank section.

  21. The hatch liner is installed.

  22. Cutout the "V" at the hilt of the rudder fairing. Fit the seating of the rudder to the fairing and the shoe. Trim for rudder throw.

  23. Prepare the rudder servo mount and fit to rudder shaft and sleeve through it.

  24. Create the extension of the rudder fairing into the hull.

  25. Install the rudder shoe.

  26. Install the rudder and pour the in hull sleeve support.

  27. Install the rudder servo mount and servo.

  28. Install rib 76

  29. Install the aft king plank sections.

  30. Install the rudder compartment hatch liner.

  31. Fair sand the structure so sheeting will form to the sheer.

  32. Complete the wiring loom and install all electronics.

  33. Organize and secure the wiring looms.

  34. Complete a full electronics check.

  35. Install the sheet line and bungee systems.

  36. Sheet cover the deck.

  37. Cutout and trim the hatch covers.

  38. Trim and sand the excess deck cover.

  39. Build the hatch covers and install the sill on the hatch liners.

  40. Sand and remove the rudder and shoe for painting.