Deck Covering

Everyone that has covered a deck knows the drill and it will not be described here in detail. This is a monster so put a couple hours of uninterruptible time aside and go at it. However, take your time with preparations and think again if all is done inside. For those not familiar with this process you can see the details at EC12 Building site in the decking section.

A variation to the process was used here as the boat was to be painted, hence the entire hull and deck would be vigorously sanded. The deck sheet was stabilized at the ends after the glue was applied to the structure. It was then pre-compressed at the gunwale to remove excess ooze and then taped. The tape is 1-1/2" blue and full length across the beam with plenty down the sides of the hull. The first tape applications were at all rib locations. Two people were involved in order to smooth the operation and simultaneously compress and tape the same rib from both sides.


The cutting dimensions of the hatches were noted for reentry later. All electronics were removed and will remain out till back from painting. The pre-cut one piece sheet was tested for a smooth fit over the ribs to the sheer. The flange was sanded and the interior vacuumed. The hull flange was cleaned with Acetone to make sure all tape residues were cleared. All materials and tools are laid out and the process is reviewed. Once you start it needs to be non-stop.



After a good curing the hatches were cut out and the gunwale trimmed to the sheer line, all of this was sanded well. The hatch covers were then fashioned to be flush with the camber of the deck and all of this was sanded for painting. The fore and aft bulkheads of the cover are laid across the open hatch and the curve traced. The sills for the hatches were then installed around the hatch liners. Due to time constraints, no attempts were made to aerodynamically improve the boxy covers. Such hatch covers can be made later.


Touch up, shimming and retainers will be taken care of later. The boat is ready for the paint shop.