The Beginning


Weight and Measures
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Preparation and Set-up

The flashings from the mold were cleaned and the flange was sanded smooth for the mating of the deck. The rudder fairing was cleaned as was the location of the rudder shoe. The hull was then cleaned inside and out with Acetone.

The bow under the flange was filled with thickened resin. This has been beneficial with EC12's for collision damage protection. It also helps to advertise this solid piece to your competitors.


The hull flange was marked. The stations were numbered in inches from the bow and to correspond with the plan frames. The plans start with a frame at 3.5 inches and 3 inches there after to the transom. The hull here was then marked at 6.5 inches and 6 inches there after. The frame locations were used, as it was easier to establish the correct beam measurements per the plans.