The Shamrock Cradle
1/2" sheet of hardwood
1" dowel
Drywall screws
Bondo or the like
A surface finish
Epoxy glue
Heavy cloth
The Design and Process
The cradle shown here is the same design as that used for the EC12. This one will have a molded keel support using Bondo and heavy cloth. The upright supports will be lined with heavy felt. The entire cradle was finished with Min-Wax Polyglades, a varnish like formula. Ash was the hardwood and pine was used for the dowels.
This cradle has holes for 4-foot dowels to slide across the base to stabilize the boat in the field if you like. The upper support dowels are glued in place and are positioned to use a 30" luggage strap to secure the boat in the cradle. The angled rectangular piece at the stern end is a rudder protector from moving objects when in transit.
All wood sheet parts were cut from drawing templates that are available. See Contact Us. The drawings also have some suggested instructions. $15 for printing and mailing would be appreciated. PayPal address will be supplied when ordered.
Keel Support
The support is two-piece and beveled to form a shallow trench. Bondo was used to fill the trench then covered with Saran Wrap. The hull is placed in the cradle and aligned so the edge of the notch for the rudder hinge is even with the back of the rear vertical. Do not press down, just let it rest there till the Bondo is hard.
Then remove the hull and Saran Wrap and repeat the process. Do this a third time if needed. When the keel of the boat forms a continuous groove in the Bondo, you are done.
When finished, lay a bead of silicon sealant or adhesive down the center. Over this place the remnants of an old sweatshirt or some other heavy cloth will do. Felt was used here. This process should allow the hull to rest slightly above the padded cradle of the vertical supports and fully on the keel. This is important for the weight of this boat in the cradle is enough to dent the hull in time. Not good.