The Shamrock V Construction Process

J-TEST039RZWings was built using a checklist procedure developed on the EC12 Building site called the Electronic Checklist. However, this building flow here is not linked to other places. It is just a  guide. Those that would build this boat would have their own resources.

Each of the menu links on the left are part of the whole. Each part will give you the overall c concept for that particular task. You can then use the guide with your modelling skills and suppliers to complete that part.

Innovation is encouraged. What is presented here is from the early 2000's in the production of competitive model boats. If you want to use the checklist, it can be printed or saved to a file for use as a guide. The menu order may should be aligned for the project.

Today computer based radio, digital servos and programmable winches are better and getting better. Lithium iron Phosphate (LiFe) battery now has the power with ampere strength to handle this model in a fresh breeze easily and with longevity. The removable System Board now being used in the EC12 Class provides past unheard of ease of maintenance and reliablity for the sheetline and radio system onboard in one module.

The mold developed in this project is now located with Dave Ramos at Chesapeake Performance Models in Maryland. He also produces the a full short kit; hull, rudder, deck and ballast. He also races this model a can support a parts list.

There are no plans here available for the hull. The shadows were made from plans purchased at the time that are copy protected. Plan availabilty is also not stated, as such links change or fail. Google is better than any of us.